Friendly Forest Products are "functional art products and wood furniture pieces" created by Gerald Regnitter. Products are conceived and designed to meet some utilitarian purpose and to be objects of beauty at the same time. Product Models usually began as a solution to a special problem or request, or as a unique gift for someone special. Original items, when seen by others, led to requests for variants or additional items. The challenge of designing and creating new products is a good part of the pleasure of working with wood. Custom design items range from custom furniture for special needs children,or a very special storage box made of woods from Africa to protect and hold an African soapstone chess set and board, to unique baby cradles and special game boards.

Most of the specific items shown in the Product Galleries are no longer available, though similar items could be made for purchase. Use the Gallery selector at the top left of this page to see items.

Contact me to discuss the creation of a special product that you can't find elsewhere. Personal viewing of items currently in my studio or home is also possible by arrangement. GERALD

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Wood and special materials availability is not always assured, and prices of hardwoods can vary significantly depending on my access to supply. I am prepared to discuss design, materials used, and degree of special customization with the client, and then I will quote a firm price on the item as it will leave my shop. Pick up or shipping arrangements are separate considerations. If it is a custom order, I will add the order to a queue, with a rather firm completion date. I have a small shop and work alone, so I am not equipped to handle very large or bulky items, nor am I interested in any form of factory production. While striving to meet the needs of the client, I must be happy with the item design or I will not take the order. I am not willing to make junk or things you can more readily purchase from a mass supplier. I am required to charge Provincial sales tax on in-province sales (6%), but do not make enough income for the GST to apply. I am not able to accept VISA credit card purchases.  Communication by email or phone is preferred.  If you wish to send me a drawing or paper image, snail mail will work, you can scan the image and send it as a JPEG or PNG image file attached to an email .